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CGI : Computer Generated Imagery

3D Animations

Here are a few of our CG (Computer Generated) 3D animations produced for Wärtsilä - a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

We can also produce computer generated images, such as the images below - for advertising and also for backgrounds for an Alice in Wonderland stage production.

  • Wireframe product shot for an Engineering Company - All modelled from scratch in-house.

  • Photo realistic image of pump

  • Photo realistic image of a composite bearing

  • CGI Marine Scene

  • CGI Marine Scene

  • Photo realistic image of pump

  • CGI image of processing plant equipment

  • Photo realistic image of product cabinet

  • Photo realistic image of a waste tank

  • CGI Marine Scene

  • Sectioned view of shaft line equipment

Computer Generated Images and Animation Services

If you are interested in 3D computer generated animations for your advertising or presentation needs, then we provide a cost effective solution.
Please contact us for further information.