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Where is Hayling Island?

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That is a good question, and a simple one to answer. Hayling Island is located in the county of Hampshire on the south coast of England. The easiest way to find on a map it is to look for the Isle of Wight, draw a line north from the Isle of Wights most easterly point and Hayling island is just to the east of where that line hits the mainland. Hayling Island does not stand out as an island when scanning the map because it sits "inland" surrounded by harbours - Langstone Harbour to the west and Chichester Harbour to the east.

Where is Hayling Island on the map?

For a ballpark idea, see the explanation above. For a more precise answer, we give thanks to google maps...

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Where is Hayling Island Ferry?

The ferry is located on the very south west tip of the Island and provides a link between Hayling Island and Portsea Island. The city of Portsmouth covers the entirety of Portsea Island and also extends onto the mainland. The Ferry takes foot passengers and bicycles across the narrow but often fast flowing channel between the two islands.

Since Hayling Island has been connected to the mainland by a road bridge for many years, there is no need to use the ferry to access the island. It is also not acceptable to use the excuse "I missed the ferry" when being late for a Hayling Island meeting or delivery!

For more information on the Ferry, please visit the Hayling Island Ferry Website.

Where to go on Hayling Island?

Hayling Graphics provided the artwork for a cycling map of the Island. The map was commissioned by "Cycle Hayling" which is dedicated to improving cycling on the Island. The map shows the best cycling routes on the island and also the locations of hotels, pubs, shops, camp grounds and other facilities. The map is viewable on the Cycle Map page.

More Hayling Island Information

For more information, please see the following links:

Accommodation on Hayling Island

For an incomplete list of holiday accommodation available, please visit our holiday accommodation site.

Images of Hayling Island

Hayling Island Bridge to Langstone on the Mainland
Kids playing on Hayling Island Beach with surf kites in background
Sunset on Hayling Island - Langsone Harbour
Sail Boats at Hayling Island
Splash Down at Hayling Island Funfair
Hayling Island Seafront Railway Station

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