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Website Design : Candy Scrumptious Bouquets

Development of an Ecommerce website selling Candy Bouquets for a local business.

This project involved setting up the website, integrating ecommerce facilities, product photography, google merchant account management, creating and launching facebook and twitter pages. Continued SEO management using google analytics and google optimiser ensures that the website remains prominent for popular google searches such as "candy bouquets uk" against stiff competition.

Goldfish Animation

A fun animation created for this website in both Flash or Adobe Edge (HTML5)

Depending upon your browser you will see the flash version that just sits and looks at you, the HTML5 version that spins when clicked, or a still image if you have javascript disabled.

This simple looping animation was created by taking a still image, separating the fins, eye and mouth and animating the movement of each using Adobe Flash and Adode Edge.

Large Banners

We have designed large (2m in length) banners to advertise local theatrical events. These were printed either on Foamex (a lightweight waterproof plastic material) or on tough waterproof paper for subsequent mounting on plywood frames.


Flash Website Example

With flash, the animation possibilities are endless. Click here to try out an example flash website.

Commercial Posters

Posters of all sizes produced for display in shop fronts.

Poster creation involves sourcing imagery, adjusting imagery (e.g. airbrushing, adjusting hues and contrast, etc) layout and text. Printing and delivery.

Posters can be printed on paper, fabric, foamex board, vinyl etc.


Cycle Hayling Tourist Map

We designed this cycling map for Cycle Hayling (a local cycling action group) and worked closely with them ensuring the map showed their recommended cycling routes and also landmarks and amenities. Too see the complete map, click here.

Orrery Animation

We created an online orrery which shows the positions of the planets in real time,
and also allows the user to see the planet positions in the future and past.

The orrery was created using Adobe Flash with all programming in ActionScript 3.0.

Click to see the Orrery on The Planets Today website.

James and the Giant Peach Animation

This project was a controllable animation that can be used as an "interactive" backdrop for performers.

Rhino Attack StillJames Poster Image

Flash Animation

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An example of a simple flash animation.

Vector Illustrations

Vector images are different from bit mapped images (such as digital photographs) in that they are basically comprised of shapes, colours and effects all of which are stored as formulas. This means that they can expanded to any size without losing resolution which makes them perfect for advertising where an image might be required to be on a letter head or a billboard.

The images shown here were created for various projects and also to be sold as royalty free stock imagery on various sites.

To see more examples please see

Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

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